I went to Lynne for hypnotherapy to try to resolve a couple of anxiety-related issues. I had developed a longtime fear of driving on the highway. With her therapy, I gained the confidence to drive on the highway again without suffering panic attacks. Lynne also helped me achieve relief from my stress-related jaw tension (TMJ). I’m grateful to Lynne for her compassionate, insightful, calming, and optimistic approach.

RT, Lake Forest, IL

Hypnosis often has a negative connotation or sense of “fake” about it that is portrayed through the media, and I was absolutely someone who was incredibly skeptical. I have suffered from misophonia for as long as I can remember, and after a series of challenges with the illness, I decided it was finally time to do something about it. I was recommended to Lynne Nozicka through my audiologist and I had no idea that would my life would be so impacted by her. Lynne is a great hypnotist with her calming words and genuine curiosity to learn more about your life and how this illness impacts your day to day life. I enjoyed every session with her and am so pleased that I have our sessions recorded to practice on my own as well. There is nothing to be afraid of with hypnosis, it had truly changed my life! I can handle noises like never before and finally feel like I can live my life without the fear of triggers. I highly recommend the practice!


I recently decided to try hypnotherapy for weight loss. I had been highly skeptical but always oddly intrigued by the concept. I had several sessions with Lynne approximately 8 weeks ago and I have now lost 17 pounds! The weight has come off easier than any fad diet or exercise that I have tried ( and failed).The concept is simple but highly effective in my case. I highly recommend hypnosis with Lynne Nozicka. She is empathetic, respectful and obviously successful in her therapy and wellness coaching.

Julie M.

For 20 years I lived a life of misery due to an auditory processing disorder called Misophonia. I saw dozens of doctors throughout the years all who either didn’t know what I was describing or assured me there is nothing I can do. At the end of my rope I agreed to participate in an MTV documentary about my disease. Through that experience, I was introduced to Lynne. At first I was skeptical especially after years of disappointment. Within two appointments I already felt better than I had in the last two decades! For the first time in my life I knew I was only going to stop getting worse but there was hope that I would get better and live a normal and happy life. The weight that was lifted off my shoulders from Lynne’s expertise is indescribable. Misophonia has controlled every aspect of my life: my relationship with my family, careers, friendships, my marriage, etc. Not anymore. Not only has my outlook on life been reversed but I’ve recently started advocating for hypnotherapy and the power it has to change everything. I’m more positive and optimistic not only in terms of my condition but in general. Thank you, Lynne, for giving me my life back!

Lynn has helped me in so many ways. Through her hypnosis, she lead me to open my mind and to release the doubts and guilt I’ve been holding on for a long time. She helped me steer towards focusing on the positive and not let the negative take over. She helped me overcome my weight/body image problems, family struggles, and my lack of confidence. I am beyond grateful. Lynn thrives at her profession – she has the most calming voice and genuine reinforcement in the process. Hypnosis is hard to comprehend if you are a little skeptical (I for sure was!)… Even after the first time I left wondering if I even tapped into my subconscious state… Don’t worry you did. The following times after, you become more relaxed and take it all in with ease. Trust yourself, accept that this will help you, and let Lynn do her magic.

Angel D.

I came to see Lynne, about issues with sleep. My physician, had mentioned  that he refers some of his patients to Lynne. And, the patients had success  working with her.  I can see why that is true, she is incredible! I had no experience with coaching, or hypnosis before.  She answered  all of my questions intelligently, and I never felt rushed. I had sleep studies, etc, and nothing was working.  After several sessions with Lynne, I am sleeping through the night. Lynne is big on the clients participation in their progress.  I liked that, because now I feel more in control . I have the tools and strategies to use on my own.
Thank You Lynne!

Suzie C, Ravinia, Il.

I want to “Thank” Lynne, for helping me and my bridesmaids get into our gowns!   I contacted Lynne pretty much last minute.
A friend and former client of Lynne’s recommended her services to me. Not only that, my friend gave me 3 sessions with Lynne for a wedding gift! I was concerned, that I was out of time for any of us to lose weight. But, Lynne reassured me, that it is never too late.  So, we began our 3 month countdown to fit into the dresses, and me , my gown. There is no talk about diets, measuring or anything I had used before in weight loss.  Hmm… I was apprehensive at first. How would this work?  First of all, we started to look at our relationship with food.   Paying attention when and why we were eating. Were we hungry?  Or just thirsty.  It worked so well, we fit into our dresses with ample room! And a few of us lost even more weight.  I am so glad I met Lynne, I will continue to work with her and her guidance.

Stella V. Chicago, Il

I was recommended by my doctor to Lynne, as I needed a helping hand in giving up smoking. I had used the patch, which did work for awhile, but I was still addicted to the nicotine. Lynn takes the time to discuss your needs and smoking triggers, so she can personalize your sessions. It is very helpful that you can tape your sessions. So, you can listen over and over as needed to keep you motivated. Yes, giving up smoking is hard to do, especially if your spouse stills smokes. But, it feels so good not to crave a cigarette. When that temptation occurs take a few minutes to relax and listen to your tape. She is there for you, if you need a reboot.

S.Carr, Hoffman Estates, Il

I was recommended to Lynne, by my oncologist. I was going through a very rough time with my cancer treatment. She has a very kind and patient way about her. Together , we formed some strategies, to help my mindset during my chemo appts. She has really helped me and my family in many ways. This experience could have gone differently, but Lynne’s optimism had a such a positive effect on me! I am blessed to have met her during this stressful time.

Stacy H. Rockford, Il

I can finally say “I am a non smoker! How did that happen? My best friend told me about a wellness coach, that he had gone to for weight loss. I have tried it all, the patch, gum. and wellbutrin, all to no avail. I waited a while before I saw her. I had a feeling that this would be it for me. And, I was right. Lynne did not preach or judge me, she has a great sense of humor! She really knows her stuff, and I learned so much from her, about addictions. It has been 4 months, and I never even think about smoking. I started running again, only now I can breath a lot easier. Thank you Lynne!

Gary S. Hanover Park

My experience with Lynne Nozicka was a wonderful one. She has helped me begin to overcome my fear of speaking Italian. Not only has she helped me become more comfortable with the language, she has also helped me become more confident in many aspects. I have never participated in hypnotism before. From the start, Lynne made me feel comfortable. She was very nice, patient, thorough, compassionate and understanding of my needs. I highly recommend her to any of those who are interested in hypnotism.

Grazie Mille! T.G ,Florence Italy

After having some problems with my business, I felt stuck. I lost confidence, focus and was plagued by fear and uncertainty. That’s when I decided to give hypnosis a try. I had no idea what to expect and was a bit skeptical at first, but Lynne’s visits by far exceeded my expectations. She was very welcoming and able to relate to me, like most people can’t. She brought things out of me, which I knew I had, but were stuck deep down inside. She helped me regain confidence and see things a bit differently – by being a great teacher and giving sound advice. No matter what’s troubling you in life, Lynne will bring the best out of you. I highly recommend seeing her.

E.R, Chicago

I have had a fear of feathers since I was four years old. As I got older the fear had gotten worse. If I was walking and a bird came near I would freeze. When I went on vacation I couldn’t eat outside or near a pool because the birds were around. A few months ago I was going on vacation with my daughter and her family and I didn’t want to freak out in from of my grandchildren so my daughter introduced me to Lynne. I had four sessions with her where she taught me techniques to use to help with my fear. She taught me that my fear was a habit that needed to be changed. I had to realize that birds can’t hurt me, they are a part of nature, and I should see their beauty and learn to calm myself when I see them. When my vacation came I was able to eat outside. I didn’t freak out when the birds came near. One even walked next to me and I didn’t scream or run away. I never thought it would be possible for me to be calm, but after 56 years I no longer have to be embarrassed by my reactions. To most people my fear my sound silly, but Lynne understood how real it was for me. She knew how debilitating this was. I am forever grateful that Lynne could help me.

Sandy T. Inverness, IL

I have been planning my wedding for several months. I have everything almost ready, but I did not have my body ready!

I had gained weight over the winter. A colleague had told me about a talented and effective hypnotherapist. So, I contacted Lynne, and she is very effective indeed! I felt so comfortable in her presence, she explained hypnosis, since I had not been hypnotized before.

Lynne taught me some effective strategies, and ways to change my self-defeating thinking. In fact, several people in my wedding are seeing Lynne, and we cannot say enough about her.

I am reaching my target weight effortlessly. If you want a caring and effective hypnotherapist, Lynne is the person!

Charlotte, N. Chicago, Il

I am a Chicago, and L.A. actor. I have been in the business for quite some time. But, I noticed I was experiencing some anxiety when I was on set.

I was starting to mess up my lines. Now, this was a major movie that I was working on, and would catapult my career. I was really concerned and started to doubt my acting abilities.

A production assistant that was working on the set, had mentioned a hypnotherapist he had worked with in Chicago.

So, I decided to contact Lynne. I was amazed right away, with her gentle and calming effect. Lynne combined coaching and hypnosis for me.

I have seen her consistently the past year, and I have gained back the confidence I had lost. I now have some proven strategies, the give me peak performance in my acting. And, I can control any anxious thoughts much better!

I tell everyone about Lynne, and how much she has helped me

Jackson M. L.A

I went to Lynne to get coaching, to prepare me for an audition at Berkley. I normally do very well at auditions, but I felt added pressure, since Berkley is a prestigious school for music.

And, I started to freeze up on stage during practice. I was clutching the microphone so tightly. Lynne actually helped me use, this behavior to calm me down. And, we did this together on stage. I am very visual, so with Lynne being there while coaching me, was the best reinforcement.

And, I was accepted at Berkley!!! Lynne tells me that I did it, but I tell Lynne “We did it”!!

She is truly an amazing person!

Courtney S. St.Charles, Il

Lynne was highly recommended to me for hypnosis. I know, I could have a much higher management position in my corporation. But, I have developed a very strong fear, of being in an airplane.

I used to fly everywhere, especially with my work. It was commonplace for me to be in London one week, then jetting over to the Far East the next week.

I did not know what happened, but all of the sudden I would break out in a sweat, and be shaky on flights.

My boss suggested that I see Lynne for some hypnosis. She really is talented and professional. I look at hypnosis with a new respect, thanks to Lynne. It took several visits with Lynne, but I am much more comfortable flying. Lynne makes sure that you use, the techniques that she teaches you. Lynne has a team approach, and my being in the corporate world , I relate to this.

I am happy to suggest Lynne.

VT. Hoffman Estates, Il

Meeting with Lynne was very comfortable, like conversing with a good friend who always gives great advice. She asked questions to be able to understand what I wanted to focus on during my hypnosis, and as a result our sessions were targeted specifically to what I told her I wanted to work on.

The hypnosis part was very relaxing, and after my first session I was able to see just how easy and comfortable the process is. After my second session, I couldn’t believe how peaceful I felt; I had never been that meditative for an extended period of time, and it was really amazing. I felt calm, reflective, and motivated to continue on my path of self-improvement

Nicole V, Chicago, Il

I am in charge of new product development at the corporation I work for. I have to travel worldwide to give presentations. I always have that panicked feeling, no matter how experienced I am.
I got referred to Lynne, from a co-worker, who is a client of Lynne’s. I cannot say enough about my experience with hypnosis! Lynne helped me with strategies to use before after my presentations. Some of my colleagues are remarking, how I seem more at ease and confident. Lynne was good at making me feel comfortable, and explaining how hypnosis works!

Ryan G, Chicago, Il

My son,was having problems focusing during his sports practice. His coach recommended hypnosis. He gave us Lynne’s name, and it really helped him. He is much more positive about everything in his life. Lynne has helped so much. Now, my son does not get as distracted. And he is more motivated!

Stan M. Lake Zurich

My daughter is in high school, and is in Poms. There is a lot of pressure at this age to be thin. My daughter has some weight issues, and needed some guidance with this. She has seen Lynne several times, and what a difference it has made. My daughter has stopped judging herself and comparing herself to others. And, she is enjoying food, just in smaller portions.

Candace W, Palatine, Il

Thanks so much Lynne! My daughter is focusing more, and is less anxious with her recitals! Coaching has worked wonders with her.

Virgina L, Palatine, Il

Many thanks to Lynne! I went to see Lynne for smoking cessation November 2011. And I just celebrated I year of being smoke-free!! If you are ready to be smoke-free, she will help you focus and achieve the results you want.

Kery L, Buffalo Grove, Il

I was facing a scary cancer diagnosis, and I was referred to Lynne. She has guided and encouraged me during my whole process. Lynne helped me change my mind set, and championed with me, to get through this very trying time!

Eloise M, Glenview, Il

I finally decided to take control of my weight! I didn’t wait for a New Year resolution. I started working with Lynne last June. She is so great about seeing me as an individual. We came up with a realistic plan, that I can stay on for the rest of my life. Lynne doesn’t believe in depriving anyone from the enjoyment of food. No trendy diets, and I am almost at the weight that’s right for me!!

Marrisa B, Chicago,Il

I came to see Lynne for hypnosis to quit smoking. I was a bit apprehensive, since I have been smoking for 20 plus years. I have never been so relaxed, what a great experience! Lynne was so encouraging and positive about my choice to FINALLY QUIT SMOKING!! It has been almost 3 months……….. I still cannot believe it! I have sent several friends to Lynne, and they are very pleased with the results! I Highly Recommend her.
Cassandra C, Chicago

I finally found a program for weight management! Lynne Nozicka…. She is so encouraging, and non-judgemental. And, she has been so great in helping me stay focused. I am learning to have patience, and acceptance of my body! Not to mention, I am almost at my goal weight!

Lia V.

I was referred to Lynne by my physician. I was very anxious about a surgical procedure, and thought hypnosis would help me. Not only did it help me with the anxiety, it helped me with some other issues I was dealing with. I cannot say enough about working with Lynne. She made me feel at ease, and her soothing voice really relaxed me. I highly recommend her services.

Debbie C, Arlington Heights

I went to Lynne for Coaching, in regard to dealing with my management team at work. I was not aware how to achieve this. We worked together on my vision, of how I wanted to relate to my co-workers. Then, it became clearer and easier to put the goals in place to achieve it. I have gained more respect from my staff from working with Lynne.

Sandy C, Schaumburg

I am a new widow, who was floundering a year an a half ago. This is such an overwhelming experience and I was totally emotionally lost. Grief was swallowing me up, and I needed help. I found Lynne Nozicka and her expertise with hypnosis. I have been working thru this loss process. She has helped me find the confidence to cope with the grief, and finding myself throughout this chapter of my life. I have gained a replaced confidence to start over and deal with daily issues. Her techniques are effective for me, and she has tought me tools to learn to cope as stress tries to creep up behind me. My progress is noticable to my family and I appreciate what I have learned so far. I am looking forward to my hypnosis therapy and the road back to the living. Thank you Lynne…….

Barbara of Barrington, IL

Lynne has helped me become more aware of my eating habits! I do not feel deprived of anything, because Lynne did not give me the “shoulds or should nots”. Its challenging, but I am learning that only I, can control my food intake. I noticed that I am enjoying my meals, in a more relaxed way. I am learning that slow weight loss is a more permanent way to reach my goals! I have already dropped 5 pounds in one month. I highly suggest Lynne, she is realistic, and does not make false promises.

LeeAnn of Schaumburg, IL

I know that I’ve only had four sessions of hypnosis with you, but my weight loss and self esteem have seen an incredible improvement. I made it through the Thanksgiving holiday and I’m looking forward to the rest of the holiday season. Looking forward to our next visit.

Sincerely, R.M. Palatine, Illinois

After being away on vacation for several months, I wanted to wear some valuable jewelry that I had put away. You can only imagine the panic I felt, when I could not find where I had put it! I looked everywhere, to no avail! But, I kept going back to where I thought it was. No luck. My husband suggested hypnosis, I met with Lynne right away. She explained how the session would work, and she very quietly and lovingly took me through the process. I was relaxed, but at anytime, I knew I was in control. After leaving Lynne’s office I could not wait to get home. I found my jewelry in only six hours after my session with Lynne! You can imagine my jubilation!

I would highly recommend Lynne.

Sue G. Lemont, Illinois