Are you ready to change your life’s script?

I can help you determine and make those edits!

What I can help you with

woman_beachYOU can move your life roadblocks through Hypnosis and/or Wellness Coaching. Don’t worry, I will be there to guide you and support you. All you need to bring is your motivation and commitment. If you’re not sure if your issue falls into one of the following categories, please contact me to ask — I welcome your call!

Reducing Stress
Ongoing stress can wear you down, but it doesn’t have to. You can re-train your reactions and learn new mental coping mechanisms to:

  • Manage your stress levels (not the other way around!)
  • Put positive thoughts in place of negative ones
  • Increase your wellness

Controlling Weightdiet
When your weight becomes your enemy, so does your body. It is so frustrating to be at war with yourself! It not only takes enjoyment away from your life, but also threatens your overall health. You can re-gain control over food and re-friend your body to:

  • Control your cravings
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Enjoy your new-found energy
  • Rejoice in the way you look

I know that I’ve only had four sessions of hypnosis with you, but my weight loss and self esteem have seen an incredible improvement. I made it through the Thanksgiving holiday and I’m looking forward to the rest of the holiday season.
Looking forward to our next visit.
Sincerely, R.M. Palatine, Illinois

Reducing Anxietystress
Sometimes anxiety can get so strong that it keeps you from doing certain activities or from experiencing certain joys in life. I can help you remove a fear of flying, test anxiety (adults or children), sports performance anxiety, public speaking anxiety, etc. You can re-discover your confidence and calm to:

  • Boost your courage
  • Reduce your fears
  • Increase your performance
  • SHINE!

After being away on vacation for several months, I wanted to wear some valuable jewelry that I had put away. You can only imagine the panic I felt, when I could not find where I had put it! I looked everywhere, to no avail! But, I kept going back to where I thought it was. No luck. My husband suggested hypnosis, I met with Lynne right away. She explained how the session would work, and she very quietly and lovingly took me through the process. I was relaxed, but at anytime, I knew I was in control.
After leaving Lynne’s office I could not wait to get home. I found my jewelry in only six hours after my session with Lynne! You can imagine my jubilation!

I would highly recommend Lynne.
Sue G. Lemont, Illinois

Managing Pain
Pain is an energy drain! When you have chronic pain, it becomes your main focus, and you have no energy left for living a healthy, happy life. Everyone responds to their pain in their own way, and I will help you identify your way.  You can tune into your own inate ability to control pain to:

  • regain your energy
  • rediscover comfort
  • put your body’s chronic pain loop on hold

You can DO THIS and I am ready to help!

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How I can help you

” Instead of blaming the darkness… you bring in the light” – Eckhart Tolle

The mind-body connection gives us each an incredible set of resources for our own healing. I am here to help you learn how to use those resources within you to get back in charge of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

I offer both Hypnotherapy and Wellness Coaching treatments for individuals and groups.

Hypnotherapy – What is it????
Hypnotherapy (same as hypnosis) is a state of concentration, focused attention, and inner absorption.Think of it as using a magnifying glass (hypnosis) to focus the rays of the sun (our minds) and make them more powerful.

You have probably already experienced something very much like hypnosis – any time that you are so absorbed in thought (while reading a book, riding the bus to work, etc.) that you don’t notice what is happening around you. In other words, zoned out.

During those times of very focused attention, your unconscious mind takes over, which is very similar to what your mind does and what you will experience during hypnosis. This is not frightening.

Additional information on Clinical Hypnosis.
Learn more below at What to expect.

Wellness Coaching – What is it????

Without goals, and no plans to reach them You are like a ship that has set sail, with no destination.

work_life_balanceWellness coaching is like life coaching with an added focus on improving and sustaining your health. Wellness is a combination of being and feeling healthy inside and out, and wellness coaching gives you support to get there!

  • Dealing with a major illness
  • Making a much-needed lifestyle change (for mental and/or physical health)
  • Learning and achieving healthy weight control
  • Adopting a new hobby
  • Finishing that college degree
  • Other life challenges

You and I (your wellness coach) work together as a team… I don’t prescribe or diagnose, I just help you prioritize what you really want out of life and help you be accountable to yourself and your plan.
Learn more below at What to expect.

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What you can Expect

woman_meadow2Hypnotherapy and Wellness Coaching are not magic (although the results might seem like it!). They are simply an intentional, focused re-write of your habitual patterns .

Whether you come to me for hypnotherapy, wellness coaching or a combination of the two, I provide a safe, calm and supportive environment for you. Then as you achieve your goals and step into living the life you truly desire, I share your delight in watching that beauty unfold.

Every person is wonderfully unique, so every treatment plan must also be unique. Together you and I discover and design what plan will work for YOU.

Your first session with me
Our first session together will go something like this (plan for 1.5 hrs hypnotherapy, or 1 hr wellness coaching):

I will have soothing music playing and we will have a low-key, no-stress conversation. I will ask if you have experienced hypnotherapy or wellness coaching before, and will tell you more about the treatment you’re interested in. I will also ask you about any frustrations that might have brought you here, and expectations and hopes you have for treatment.

You might be nervous about trying something new, so I encourage you to ask ANY questions you have. I will provide and be a safe place for you.

Hypnotherapy Sessions
I do essentially three things with hypnotherapy:

  • Encourage you to use your imagination through guided mental imagery (in a focused state of attention)
  • Present ideas or suggestions compatible with your desires
  • Facilitate the relaxation of your unconscious mind so you can take in positive suggestions. I will not and can not make you do anything you don’t want to do!!

You will hear everything and remember everything that happens while you are under hypnosis. I will not and cannot control you or your mind — you are the only one who can control your mind. I merely facilitate the process for you.

Wellness Coaching Sessions
During our wellness coaching sessions, I help you discover what you want from (and in) your life. I believe that each of us knows our true inner selves, so I help you tune in to your inner station through:
Questions to help you discover your inner guidance

  • Encouragement to trust your inner guidance
  • Practice hearing your inner guidance
  • Setting goals that work for YOU
  • Creating accountability for you

I am here to encourage you and support you without judgment. If you are working on weight control, for example, your goal weight is up to you. One size does not fit all, so I will help you design the body that makes YOU happy – whatever size or weight that is!

Bottom line? Treatment doesn’t need to be painful or scary or threatening.We can rewrite your script together! Contact me to set up an appointment, or just to ask more questions.

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Hypnotherapy and Wellness Coaching in Palatine, Highland Park and Chicago, Illinois.