quit smoking or vapingWhat Are Your Options?

You’re ready to quit smoking or vaping. That’s a great decision. It’s one that will have many benefits for your health, your future, and your quality of life.

What are the options that are available to help you reach your goal?

After all, you want something that actually works and will help you quit for good. However, when you search online, all kinds of results show up. Which ones really work? And which is the best for you?

There is no sure-fire “magic bullet” when it comes to quitting smoking or vaping. Yet, there are several methods that can work.

Let’s explore some of them.

Quitting Cold Turkey

Going “cold turkey” can be tempting. After all, you should have the willpower to stop smoking cigarettes, right? Wrong!

Although not impossible, it is very hard to just stop smoking cigarettes or vaping. The reason is two-fold.

For one, the chemicals in these products, especially nicotine, are addictive. If your body doesn’t get these chemicals after you have been smoking/vaping for a long time, you’ll experience symptoms of withdrawal.

That may include, for example:

  • Irritability
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Feeling restless
  • Headaches
  • Trouble focusing
  • Mood issues

The other reason quitting cold turkey can be so difficult is psychological. Lighting up, drawing in the smoke or vapor, and exhaling is a mental and emotional experience in and of itself. Thus, there are more obstacles to overcome than just physical ones.

Using Medications to Quit

There are medications available for helping you to quit smoking or vaping. However, medications can have side-effects. Also, they may not be appropriate for everyone based on other health factors.

Additionally, there is the issue of using medication as a crutch to solve the problem. The reality is that medication isn’t a cure-all for smoking or vaping. Even if you are taking a medication and it helps, you also need psychological and emotional support to address the problem.

Participating in a Smoking Cessation Program

A smoking cessation program provides structure and resources for those who want to quit smoking or vaping. Most likely there is a group in your area that meets regularly to discuss approaches to quitting and provide support for those who are struggling.

In addition, you can also find resources online, such as discussion boards and support groups. Yet, despite all of these resources, you might need just a little more help to quit smoking or vaping for good.

Seeking Hypnotherapy for Smoking/Vaping Support

Hypnotherapy can be extremely helpful when it comes to quitting smoking or vaping. During a hypnotherapy session, you become more open to suggestions. (Rather than being “controlled,” though, you are awake and actively participating in the session.) The idea is to give you back the control that smoking/vaping has taken from you.

  • Some other ways that hypnotherapy can help include:
  • Managing cravings
  • Coping with stress (a common reason why people smoke or vape in the first place)
  • Creating new thought patterns that are positive and support cessation

The idea is that, with hypnotherapy sessions, you create a moment of hyper-focus and relaxation. This allows your unconscious mind to heal itself and utilize your inner resources to help you to quit.

To get the most out of hypnotherapy, it’s important that you find a therapist who is well-trained and practiced in the technique. You want to work with someone with whom you feel comfortable and create a working relationship.

Also, keep in mind that for the treatment to fully work for you, it will usually take between 6-12 sessions. Though, some clients may start seeing results earlier.

As you can see, there are several methods that can help you to quit smoking or vaping. Some are more effective than others.

In my experience, hypnotherapy is one of the most useful tools for coping with the cravings and stress connected to smoking/vaping cessation, as well as successfully quitting. If you are ready to quit, contact me for more information.