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It seems like you’ve tried everything to lose weight and to keep it off. Yet, you aren’t seeing the results you want. And thus, you may feel frustrated, angry, and even a little powerless to make the changes you desire a reality.

But have you really tried everything? What about hypnotherapy?

Yes, hypnotherapy!

Hypnotherapy isn’t a gimmick. It is a proven method that can truly help you with meeting your weight loss goals. All you need is an open mind and the help of a therapist who is trained in using hypnotherapy for weight management.

How does it work? Consider some details about the process.

The Therapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy sessions are meant to help you become more open to ideas and suggestions for change. For instance, let’s say that you really struggle with controlling your cravings. You know that you should be eating fruits and vegetables each day. Yet, you have a sweet tooth, and crave sugar!

During hypnotherapy, your therapist could gently suggest ways that you can keep those cravings at bay. Or they may suggest for you to make better food choices that can positively affect your health.

At this point, it should be noted that hypnosis only occurs during therapy. You are not in a hypnotic trance after you leave the office. However, the suggestions that your therapist makes during hypnotherapy sessions can stay with you. That, in turn, can help you attain your weight-loss goal.

The Power of Visualization

One strategy that your therapist might use during hypnotherapy is visualization exercises. With visualization, you see yourself being successful and achieving your objective.

For example, let’s imagine that you struggle being motivated to exercise. In fact, when you get to the door of the gym, you are already sweating with anxiety!

Your therapist can help you visualize being successful at the gym. Instead of turning away right in front of the door, you walk inside. Then, you hop on the exercise bike or start lifting weights. It’s possible for you to do these things because you’ve already seen yourself doing them.

The Ability to Tap into Your Inner Resources

The great thing about hypnotherapy is that you really are accessing resources that you already have. Either, you’re just not aware that you have them, or you haven’t been able to adequately harness those resources for your weight-loss journey.

For example, what qualities helped you to be successful in other areas of your life? Most likely you would mention determination, focus, grit, perseverance, or a desire to succeed.

All these qualities can certainly be applied to help you with weight-loss as well. Hypnotherapy can remind you of the fact that you do have the power and capability to do this!

The Assistance You Need

It’s important to note that hypnotherapy alone won’t make you lose weight. However, what it can do is provide that extra assistance to help you make necessary changes. Those changes could be the ticket you need to finally meet your weight-loss benchmarks.

This means that, outside of session, you still need to do all the hard work. Remember, the most effective way to lose those pounds and keep them off is by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising. Obviously, hypnosis will not do those things for you.

The Right Kind of Hypnotherapist

Of course, you want to have a hypnotherapist that will be compassionate and understanding. Really, those are important qualities for any therapist!

However, it also helps to be able to work with someone who has experienced struggling with weight loss themself and who has found help through hypnotherapy. They will have a unique perspective that you will find helpful for making the changes you want.

Hypnotherapy doesn’t replace good old exercise and eating right. However, it can help with keeping you on track and giving you the boost of confidence that you need to succeed.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, consider contacting me. It would be my pleasure to help you be successful on your weight-loss journey.

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