How many times have we driven to the city, and seen someone standing on the side of the expressway?  Probably a lot of times.  So, why am I mentioning this now?  Because we all need to do acts of kindness for others.  I don’t care how the person got there. 

All I know is, he is standing on the side of a busy expressway, and its cold out today!   People may say, ” He got himself into that position”.   Who cares how he ended up there!   Maybe he was just like us at one time. 

I am one of those annoying people who stops, and shows an act of kindness.  Sometimes I give clothing, other times its cash.  Who really cares how they got there.  They must need to be there, or they would be in a nice warm car like me!

Random acts of kindness are the best!  And, you don’t have to wait till the holiday season to give………………