Hello…..Have you ever asked a friend, family member, or a co-worker, “how they stay so slim”?   Have you ever been out to dinner, and witness a thin person eating like its their “Last Supper”?

I didn’t think so…  I have asked many people this question.  “How do you stay so slim”.  I have gotten the same answer most of the time.  Thin people do not live for food.  They eat when hungry. And, somehow know when they have reached the “ENOUGH” point.

They are not starving themselves, or overstuffing themselves either.  They have learned to honor their bodies.   Yes, I know, some people have a higher metabolism.  And, consequently, they burn it off faster.

To be slimmer, you need to eat like a slim person.   How do you do this?  You do this by honoring your body.  Eat SLOWLY…… Eat just ENOUGH to be satisfied…..You have more energy, when you eat less…..

  You have to  imagine what it feels like to be slimmer.  Imagine what it looks like to be slimmer…….

 You feel lighter….You see yourself wearing your favorite outfit.  And, you feel so good in it!  You move more freely, with a spring in your step!   You have more ENERGY!

Got it now?  Go out and grab YOUR WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!