“To Breathe or not to Breathe”…….. Have you had this happen to you?  While in a stressful situation, do you notice that you are holding your breath?  Or lying in bed at night trying to sleep.  Notice how you are breathing.  Is it shallow breathing , coming from your chest? 

Creating the relaxing breath

Breathing is natural and automatic so therefore we do not have to consciously take in a breath. We can turn a deep chest rising breath into a gentle relaxing abdominal breath. Simply follow these directions:

Gently push your stomach out. One way to do this is to place your hand on your abdomen and gently push your hand out using the abdomen. As you do, you will notice that you automatically breathe in. This happens because as you push your abdomen out you pull down the diaphragm which creates a vacuum sucking in air.

This will increase your oxygen levels, throughout your entire body.  Which in return will relax you……  Sweet Dreams…..

“Open your arms to beautiful moments!

And they will come to you…..