Can you get better at doing something over and over?   Practice makes perfect right?  I used to think so, but its not the whole picture.  To make a long story longer,…..There were 3 groups of students.  The test was to see which group,could throw the most balls through the basketball hoop while standing at the free throw line.

The first group did nothing in preparation for the test.  The second group was told to practice throwing  the balls into the hoop every day for a designated time.  The third group was told to just “imagine” throwing the ball through the hoop every day, for a designated time.

Yep, I and many others probably think, that practice makes perfect.   So, here it is…. You would think it  would be easy to dismiss one group because, it seems they did not put in any effort.

I like the third group, and its because they used “visualization”, yep thats right.  If you are thinking about throwing a basketball through a hoop, aren’t you going to always imagine getting the ball into the hoop??

Where am I going with all this?   The more you “visualize” reaching your goal, the subconscious mind believes that it has actually happened!  The subconscious mind takes everything literally.

So, when you imagine  throwing a basketball through the hoop it goes in.  The mind and body assume then, that everytime you do this, the ball it goes in.  Cool huh!

So, I see it as the more you think about achieving a goal, in a positive way, it will become easier to manifest it!

My mom was always telling me ” If you think it, and see it, you will have it”

Enjoy your day!