When I announced to my client, that we were going to do an experiment., on how to eat just one potato chip .My client, laughed at me, and said “Good luck with that! “I can’t eat just one…. “You’re going to leave me hanging with unsatisfied desire….” Nonetheless, I remained steadfast in my instructions and passed around a bowl of potato chips, urging her to take just one….

First the room was loud with crunching, then quiet with savoring and swallowing…. The client, had been startled by her experience: “I thought I would have trouble eating just one, but it really wasn’t very tasty…. “There’s an instant of salt and grease, and then some tasteless pulpy stuff in your mouth….” “If I was busy watching TV, I would think they were great, but when I actually experience what’s in my mouth, it’s kind of distasteful.”

That one potato chip even surprised me, the experienced meditator, with its tastelessness. Now I walk past the walls of chips in the supermarket rather easily without awakening insidious longings and the resultant thought that I really ought to “deny” myself. I don’t feel deprived. There’s nothing there worth having….  

Does this  ring a bell out there?  HELLO……

 Yep, there you have it!  

Enjoy the beautiful day!