PERCEIVED PLEASURE Another common obstacle is what I call the perceived pleasure of eating. Do you believe that you love to eat? You may tell yourself you love to eat so much, that you have been very successful in blocking out the associated awful feelings of being stuffed, or drugged by food, or just plain overweight. You forget to associate your overweight condition with that which causes it.

 I’m asking you to change your priorities so that looking and feeling your best gives you more pleasure than the activity of eating.

I have clients who decide on eating, only their favorite foods at holiday meals.  Why eat things we do not really like?   It may remind us of when we were a kid.  When we were told to clean our plate, kids were starving in Africa.

How is my being fat, helping starving kids in the world? No answer on that one!

If you are a member of the “clean plate club”, I encourage you to get rid of your membership!  Burn the card. You are an adult now, its your body and health.

So, go on and enjoy your holiday, eating slowly, noticing when you have had enough to eat.

And sorry, Aunt Jane, we never really liked your stuffing anyway!