Friday December 16, 2016 – 6pm Central

How powerful is hypnosis? What are the amazing issues that hypnosis can help to make better or even resolve? Here’s an interesting one! Have you or anyone you have ever known had extreme anxiety or irritation to the sound of someone eating. For example, have you ever been in a movie theater with someone chopping loudly on popcorn or slurping a drink when there’s nothing left at the bottom cup? Where you felt your heart race, blood boil, and muscles tense to the point of wanting to hit someone? In the extreme, there are people who walk around all day long experiencing annoyance, anger, anxiety, and physical symptoms related to these sounds. This fairly common condition is known as Misophonia. Miso means hatred and phonia means sound, so the person has a hatred of sounds including breathing sounds, a dog slurping or even a baby sucking or eating!

I have seen many clients with mild cases of Misophonia and, I was thrilled when MTV out of New York selected my services to do hypnosis with a 27 year old female who had been suffering from this since age 7. MTV discovered her from a support group for people with Misophonia and selected her for a series called True Life. The client saw dozens of doctors who were able to diagnose the problem but had no recommendations as to what to do about it. After two sessions, hypnosis was the only thing that ever helped her. I can’t say it any better that what my client wrote about her experience!

“For 20 years I lived a life of misery due to an auditory processing disorder called Misophonia. I saw dozens of doctors throughout the years all who either didn’t know what I was describing or assured me there is nothing I can do. At the end of my rope I agreed to participate in an MTV documentary about my disease. Through that experience, I was introduced to Lynne. At first I was skeptical especially after years of disappointment. Within two appointments I already felt better than I had in the last two decades! For the first time in my life I knew I was only going to stop getting worse but there was hope that I would get better and live a normal and happy life. The weight that was lifted off my shoulders from Lynne’s expertise is indescribable. Misophonia has controlled every aspect of my life: my relationship with my family, careers, friendships, my marriage, etc. Not anymore. Not only has my outlook on life been reversed but I’ve recently started advocating for hypnotherapy and the power it has to change everything. I’m more positive and optimistic not only in terms of my condition but in general. Thank you, Lynne, for giving me my life back!”
Lindsey McLean

I hope you get some insight as to the power of hypnosis and enjoy watching me work with this most interesting client! Watch for the show December 16 on MTV’s series called TRUE LIFE.