Do you ever wonder why some people, seem to catch every bug that is out there?  And, others never even get the sniffles.  I know people that never get enough sleep, eat the worst diet imaginable.  And guess what?  They never get sick!

I am the type of person that needs a good healthy diet, and plenty of rest.  Or,  I will get rundown, and hence get sick.  I was at an interesting Workshop last week, it was about the Mind-Body Connection.

Dr. Nick R. S. Hall, PhD, was the presenter.  And, he said some very interesting things about illness.  He says that the people who stay well, are the people that are optimistic about their lives.

Its not that they never experience adversity.  They do not personalize it, or stay heavily focused on the crisis at hand.  Being optimistic,  is what keeps them from getting sick.

I have mentioned many times before, about how our thoughts present the problems in our body.  Also, surround yourself with knowledge.  That will give you more control with your life.  That feeling of control, will send positive messages throughout your entire body.

Its not enough to just say “Be Positive”.  That is not always healthy!  The issue cause more problems.  You have to stay in that uncomfortable place, and know it will not last forever.

With that in mind, stay well!